Win a "drum tracking weekend" at THE destination recording studio in Macon, Georgia worth $2000!

Spend two days at Shadow Sound Studio with renowned producer and multi-instrumentalist Joey Stuckey, cutting professional drum tracks on state of the art analog and digital recording gear and the best modern and vintage drum gear. The winner receives two days of recording time in the studio, personal instruction in the techniques of recording drum tracks, lodging and meals for both days in music hub city of Macon. Winner will be determined by random drawing on October 14, 2017.

Two consecutive days to be arranged at winner and Mr. Stuckey's mutual convenience. Does not include travel expenses. By entering this contest, you agree to all studio terms and conditions. Hotel accomodations and food provided for a maximum of three (3) guests.

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Joey Stuckey's Shadow Sound Studio Drum Room

Details: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced recording drummer, you will have two full days (8 studio hours total) to use as you please in a full blown pro studio in Macon, Georgia, the deep south legendary music home of the Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, Little Richard, R.E.M., and Jason Aldean. Renowned producer and blues and jazz guitarist Joey Stuckey, who also minored in percussion at college, has created this facility as a getaway oasis for Georgia, Nashville, national and international artists. He will assist and instruct you for those two days. You can play with your or his existing tracks, create live music on the spot with Joey, or even bring in your friends or band to record. Includes rough mixes, but not final mixes or mastering.

Most of us drummers are over dubbing drum tracks onto existing music tracks in our bedrooms or basements with a computer, a recording program and some pics - but most of us have not had the opportunity to work with the best recording gear in a major studio with top engineers and producers, or play on the best drum gear in a great sounding drum room. Many of the best recording drummers in the major music cities use destination studios like Shadow Sound to give their overdub clients the best possible sounding drum tracks; like Lee Kelly, George Lawrence, Miguel Castro, etc. You will come away from this experience with new knowledge that can be applied to your future recording career endeavors.

Drum Tuning
Mic Selection
Mic Placement
How To Play With A Click
And Much More!

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