Studio Policies - Terms & Conditions
Effective November 1, 2006

  • The client agrees to the hourly rate quoted by Joey Stuckey or Jennifer Stuckey. Hourly charges do not include the cost of any media (CDs, Tapes, DVDs, etc.) nor do they include the cost of studio musicians, producers, or equipment rental.

  • Normal studio hours of operation are 1PM until 10PM daily (EST) with lunch between 5pm - 6pm. Requests for studio time outside the normal hours of operation will be considered at the discretion of Joey Stuckey or Jennifer Stuckey and will double the hourly rate.

  • While we will always endeavor to meet our client's needs, it is the client's responsibility to book enough studio session time (including time for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering) well in advance of any deadlines.

  • Studio will provide DVD-ROM data backup of entire project at the end of each session at the rate of $5 per disc. Upon the completion of a project, files will be retained for one week.

  • The session clock begins at the scheduled session start time. If clients are late for any reason, they will be charged from the scheduled start time.

  • A deposit of one third (1/3) of the anticipated studio cost for each session must be paid prior to scheduling of the session. This deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations made after deposits are made result in the loss of the deposit and session time. Clients are responsible for all monies due to the studio and shall make payment to the studio as follows: Upon conclusion of the current recording session paid with cash, money order, or certified check. Shadow Sound Studio also accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards. No audio tapes, compact discs, or DVDs will be released to the client until clients are current with payments owed to studio.

  • Studio reserves the right to make other financial arrangements with its clients.

  • Clients are advised to take all recording media (including back-up/safety copies) with them at the end of each session as the studio will not store any recording media and does not assume responsibility for same.

  • Studio is not responsible for any property left on the premises by the client. Receipt of recording media from Studio to Client is acknowledgment between both parties that the quality of all services rendered by Studio is satisfactory to Client and shall release Studio from any and all liability regarding said recording media and service rendered.

  • Damage to studio property of any kind that are the result of anyone in Client's party or group will be assessed to Client's account.

  • The client affirms that he/she is the rightful owner or assignee of material to be recorded or reproduced. Shadow Sound Studio and our employees are not responsible for copyright violations, talent or creative royalties, mechanical reproduction licenses, or any other liabilities for such material.

  • Absolutely no smoking is allowed in the studio, the studio offices, or the premises.

  • Absolutely no alcohol is allowed in the studio, the studio offices, or the premises.

  • Absolutely no illegal/illicit drugs allowed in the studio, the studio offices, or the premises.

  • Shadow Sound Studio reserves the right to terminate any session for illicit behavior or violation of studio policies.

  • Shadow Sound Studio promotes a professional atmosphere in a welcoming environment. Illicit behavior of any kind is strictly prohibited.

  • Shadow Sound Studio reserves the right to reject any project that advocates or incites hatred towards or discrimination against race, gender, religion, or national origin, or that advocates or incites violent, criminal, or immoral behavior. The determination to accept or reject any project on these or any other basis shall be in the sole discretion of Shadow Sound Studio, without recourse for any other parties.

  • Studio rates, policies, and equipment may change without displayed, written, or verbal notice.