Main Studio Room for Recording, Tracking, Overdubs and Mixing:

2-hours or under: $80/hr.
Block rates start at 3-hours: $60/hr.


Dubbing Suite: $40/hr.
Main studio room/control room: $60/hr. for dubbing. It is recommended that you use our dubbing suite unless you need something done right away and the dubbing suite is booked.

CD/DVD Short-Runs with On-Disc Printing:

Call for rates. The price of blank ink-printable media is constantly changing. Slimline jewel boxes are also available.


32-bit with analog processing. Call for rates as we often run specials!

Website design:

Call for rates. Cost depends on your project.

  • We now accept credit cards for studio time right on site. Visa, Mastercard or Discover (sorry, no AMEX). We can also take your credit card info over the phone.
  • We accept PayPal for DEPOSITS ONLY on studio time.